Cassie Suche is a multidisciplinary visual artist who views her artwork is an impetus for inquiry. Driven by a curiosity for the fundamental logic of organic forms, Cassie creates her work through systematic explorations which emulate low-level natural processes.

Cassie’s practice ranges from freestanding sculpture to repeating surface pattern for print and textiles. As a young designer, Cassie experienced a wealth of creative positions from window display construction to fashion print design, exhibiting her work across North American and Europe. She has since established an independent business and collaborated with organizations within Canada and internationally, valued for her distinctive and sophisticated style of artwork.

Cassie has a history of active involvement with community arts, having worked for the Canadian Crafts Federation as well as holding community-driven engagement positions in both local radio and public art festival coordination. In recent years, Cassie has begun undertaking large-scale mural projects, which have been warmly received in public domains in both Canada and the USA.

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